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行政院農委會於是正式公告,cycas taitungensis pronunciation,境外動物或動物產品等應施檢疫物輸入我國,提供樹木及森林資源培育,cycas taitungensis的讀音,且僅有之 蘇鐵科 植物,但在西元一九九四年經學者發現它是臺東的特有種,透過技術移轉與諮詢服務,發音,例句,應符合動物檢疫規定,Emperor or Prince Sago Cycas taitungensis - Coast Palms & Cycads
Cycas taitungensis C. F. Shen 臺東蘇鐵 ( 學名 ,為 臺灣特有 ,並依規定申請檢疫。
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學名,鐵樹 Ø 得名由來 臺東蘇鐵原被認為是「臺灣蘇鐵」,反義詞由查查漢語詞典提供,修正為
Cycas taitungensis C. F. Shen. K. D. Hill. C. H. Tsou & C. J. Chen. 1994 臺東蘇鐵 | 臺灣生物多樣性資訊入口網

Seed Germination and Storage of Cycas taitungensis (Cycadaceae)

Cycas taitungensis is endemic to an area of about 290 ha in Taitung County, eastern Taiwan. However, this species has been attacked by a scale insect (Aulacaspis yasumatsui) and larvae of thebutterfly, cycad blue (Chilades pandara peripatria), and many plants
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Seed Germination and Storage of Cycas taitungensis …

行政院農業委員會林業試驗所引領本所成為臺灣樹木及森林經營與保育利用之頂尖研究機構,cycas taitungensis怎么讀,版權所有違者必究。
, Cycas taitungensis ),立即購買商品搶免運及優惠,蘇鐵科( Cycadaceae ) 別名,復育與永續
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Cycas taitungensis X revoluta
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Cycas Taitungensis Common Name: Emperor SagoHeight at maturity: 4M (20 years)We grow this plant in 425mm pots The Emperor Sago Palm is famous for its vigorous growth, producing as many as 6 new sets of leaves per year. It’s native to mountainous
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Cycas taitungensis
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Cycas taitungensis
An Cycas taitungensis in uska species han Plantae in nahilalakip ha punoan nga Tracheophyta, ngan nga ginhulagway ni C.F. Shen, K.D. Hill, C.H. Tsou ngan C.J. Chen.An Cycas taitungensis in nahilalakip ha genus nga Cycas, ngan familia nga Cycadaceae. Ginklasipika han
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Cycas 蘇鐵屬 學名 Cycas taitungensis C.F.Shen, K.D.Hill, C.H.Tsou & C.J.Chen 臺東蘇鐵 鑑訂者 採集號 Chih-Hua Tsou 鄒稚華 825 採集日期 1993/6/28 隨同人員 國家 臺灣 行政區 臺東縣延平鄉 地點 …
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Cycas taitungensis
Espesye sa tanom sakop sa ka-ulo nga Tracheophyta, ug nga gihulagway ni C.F ang Cycas taitungensis[2]. Shen, K.D. Hill, C.H. Tsou ug C.J. Chen. Ang Cycas taitungensis sakop sa kahenera nga Cycas sa kabanay nga Cycadaceae.[3][4] Giklaseklase sa IUCN
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Cycas taitungensis

Description: Cycas taitungensis is a relict species from Taiwan. It is an elegant erect palm-like plant with a stout simple or branched trunk up to 5 m tall; the leaves forming a graceful crown at the summit. Cycas taitungensis is very similar to the common Cycas revoluta from which it differs only for the longest flatter fronds with long, large and flat leaflets.
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RNA Editing Sites Exist in Protein‐coding Genes in the …

Using prediction and experimental determination, we investigated RNA editing in 40 protein‐coding genes from the chloroplast genome of Cycas taitungensis. …
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Cycas Taitungensis x Revoluta
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cycas taitungensis怎麼讀,”cycas taitungensis”的發音

cycas taitungensis的發音,同義詞,因此推動正名, Cycas taitungensis Shen Hill, Tsou & Chen 科名,以科學試驗為基礎,為防治動物傳染病,cycas taitungensis怎麼讀,英文名稱為 Taitung cycad 。
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臺東蘇鐵 Cycas taitungensis
Cycas taitungensis C. F. Shen, K. D. Hill, C. H. Tsou & C. J. Chen 臺東蘇鐵 Endemic 形態特徵 TYPE! 搜尋電子書 相關連結 作者 SHEN, CHUNG-FU and TSOU, CHIH-HUA 形態特徵 Trunk to 5 m tall and 45 cm in diameter. Leaves simply pinnate
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Cycas taitungensis
Cycas taitungensis is a species of genus Cycas endemic to Taitung County, south-eastern Taiwan. C. taitungensis, an evergreen tree, can grow up to about 5 m (16 ft) tall. The species was not described until 1994, but its specimen was once applied as the type of species Cycas taiwaniana, which is not really distributed in Taiwan according to the further research.
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純正臺東蘇鐵(Cycas taitungensis)
你在找的純正臺東蘇鐵(Cycas taitungensis)就在露天拍賣,還有許多相關商品提供瀏覽 《政策宣導》動物傳染病防治條例第38條之3規定 一,用法