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How to fix Facebook’s News Feed
 · Facebook’s News Feed is broken! Facebook is only showing me stupid stuff! My News Feed is boring! Facebook is lame! The News Feed is useless! If any of …
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[Solved] How to Fix: Facebook Not Loading Problem
 · If you are having trouble accessing Facebook in a certain browser, say Facebook is not loading in Chrome on your computer, you may want to try a different browser to see if the site loads in it. Sometimes a browser may not be fully compatible with the newly rolled out features of Facebook.
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Facebook app on iPad air news feed stops …
 · When I scroll down news feed on Facebook app, it stops after less than 1 hr ago. There is a grey circle and I can pull down, but it won’t load more. I tried re downloading app, but it still stops after only a few stories.
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How News Feed Works
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My Facebook feed posts are not showing up, or all I can …

2) The Facebook page feed you are trying to display has restrictions on it The feed you’re trying to display has to be a publicly accessible Facebook page . If your Facebook page has any restrictions on it (age or location) then it means that users are forced to sign into Facebook in order to view your page.
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What To Do If Your Facebook Page Isn’t Loading
Like any site online, Facebook has its issues from time to time. Users have reported time out errors, blank screens, slow loading home pages and many other issues to Facebook’s Help Community. The most common problem is that the Facebook home page won’t load. If you can’t log in or are able to log in but can’t see any content, there could be a simple solution to bringing up your Facebook
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Is Facebook Down? Comments Not Loading, Working

Some Facebook users were having a hard time getting the social media site to work Friday. Users were reporting the issues with the platform on the web and the mobile app to the website Down Detector .
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How to Fix Facebook Video Slow Loading Problem?

 · However, i personally find facebook video slow loading and not loading problems are big trouble for its growth. The problem is, Facebook loading lot of stuffs (Javascript, Images, Videos and Static files), the moment you have entered facebook username and password and pressed enter button.
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Why are Facebook pages not loading? How can I fix …

Without knowing which device, operating system, Internet connection type, the status of your device and how much regular maintenance you do, it’s not possible to answer precisely. (1) Malware – something is using up your resources (2) Your Device
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Facebook Comments Won’t Load
Users have reported that Facebook comments won’t load occasionally, for example: “Click on comments button but get a loading loop on FB of my iPhone X “. “When I click ‘view more comments’, comments don’t appear”. “I can’t see previous comments”. “The number of comments is 10 but I just saw 4 comments below on my Facebook”.
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Facebook down? Brief outage knocks out Facebook, …

 · technical issue caused people to have trouble accessing some Facebook services,” the company said in On Instagram, the most common problem reported by users is the news feed not loading
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It’s not just you: Facebook confirms its site is having …

 · Facebook hasn’t divulged the reason for the temperamental behavior but the social networking giant did acknowledge that some users are having trouble accessing their properties and that
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How can I easily search for old posts in Facebook?
Facebook drives me crazy! I’ve been using it for years, and it’s super hard to find old posts on my profile. Sometimes it just hides half of them, which is even more confusing. This was a very useful post. It’s obvious how to do it when you point it out but thank you
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Facebook’s Notifications Are Out of Control. Here’s How …

 · Facebook already has you hooked, but now it wants to keep you engaged with dozens of notifications each day. Here’s how to get a little peace and quiet.
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Facebook DOWN: Social network not working as …

FACEBOOK is down right now with users reporting issues with the login feature as well as images and pictures not loading properly. Here is the Facebook server status latest and
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Facebook Messenger is having issues, it’s not just you
If you’re having issues with Facebook Messenger at the moment, we’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that it isn’t a problem on your end, but that means the
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Windows 10 Home page, loss of my MSN News Feed
 · Note that I had the News feed on the Start Page until two days ago. I can use settings to open Edge with a New Tab, then it gets both Top Sites and news feed on first opening it. That is a fix rather than a cure. And of course, when I click Home, I get the Start