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Prematurely synonyms, prematurely antonyms
Synonyms for prematurely in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for prematurely. 12 synonyms for prematurely: too early, too soon, before your time, preterm, overhastily, rashly, too soon, precipitately, too hastily, half-cocked. What are synonyms for prematurely?
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 · prematurely (comparative more prematurely, superlative most prematurely) In a premature manner; too soon or too early. Translations [] in a premature manner Catalan: prematurament Finnish: ennenaikaisesti French: prématurément Galician: prematuramente
Prematurely is used with these adjectives: ↑bald, ↑balding, ↑grey, ↑middle-aged, ↑wrinkled is used
Three IPS officers prematurely retired in UP – The Sen Times
Translation for ‘prematurely’ in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations. Did you know? All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time.
Dec.29.2017.Forcibly Prematurely Road Closured - YouTube
 · prematurely Translations [] occurring before a state of readiness or maturity Catalan: prematur Chinese: Mandarin: 早產的, 不成熟的 Czech: předčasný Dutch: prematuur , voortijdig Finnish
UF research refutes routine procedure used on premature babies | News |
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 · Taking their cues from officials who had – somewhat prematurely – declared an end to the pandemic, Americans overwhelmingly hurried to return to their pre-pandemic routines. They packed into movie theaters and dance halls, crowded in stores and shops, and
NDC killed Rawlings’ prematurely with insults and disrespect – NPP’s Sarfo Patrick -

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‘Don’t declare victory prematurely’: Fauci warns of another COVID surge if Americans relax mask wearing and social distancing as he says plateauing at 50,000 cases a day ‘is not a good place to be
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Welcome To IANS Live - LatestNews - Govt releases 1350 prisoners prematurely on occasion of Rajasthan Diwas

Rainy season expected to arrive prematurely in early …

 · Rainy season expected to arrive prematurely in early May April 1, 2021 views 1,219 Share Post Pa Sak Jolasid Dam / Cr. Thailand’s irrigation officials have been told to brace for possible flooding, as the rainy season is
Why Some Vegans DIE Prematurely - YouTube

Do patients drop out prematurely from exposure …

Do patients drop out prematurely from exposure therapy for PTSD? J Trauma Stress. 2003 Dec;16(6):555-62. doi: 10.1023/B:JOTS.0000004078.93012.7d. Authors Elizabeth A Hembree 1 , Edna B Foa, Nicole M Dorfan, Gordon P Street, , 1 School of
Kelty Hearts crowned champions as Lowland League season prematurely brought to an end | Edinburgh News
TUI ‘prematurely’ selling international flights
 · urgent clarity on international travel from Scottish airports after the deputy first minister accused them of prematurely selling package holidays. TUI is selling package holidays flying out of
Many Troops Are Leaving The Military Prematurely Due To Sexual Harassment. Assault | TPR

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 · If President Trump comes out and prematurely claims victory on Election Night, what will television networks and social media websites do? “Once you start counting and reporting
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Fake Twitter Accounts Posing as News Organizations …

Several Twitter accounts posed as U.S. news organizations on Wednesday to falsely and prematurely declare election victories for Democrat Joe Biden, in what appeared to be a coordinated campaign
News anchors forcefully call out Trump for prematurely declaring victory - Charhdikala Media Inc. | Chardikla Time TV (India)

Rainy season expected to arrive prematurely in early …

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam / Cr. Thailand’s irrigation officials have been told to brace for possible flooding, as the rainy season is expected to arrive sooner than normal this year, possibly in early May, and more rain than the 30-year

Hotfire test for Green Run stops prematurely – City Of …

Hotfire test for Green Run stops prematurely Space Adam January 17, 2021 January 17, 2021 NASA conducted a central stage hot-fire demonstration of the Space Launch System on January 16. Still, the 4 major engines of the stage stopped a little over a At 5
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