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就會經常會看到Frame per second/Frame Rate(畫面播放速率)之類的詞彙,60fps有什麼區別?
當我們接觸遊戲或者編輯屬於自己的影片的時候,30fps,25 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming - YouTube

The last of us rly changed my mind about 30fps vs 60fps …

I recently got TLOU remasterd and oh boy there is a rly big deference between 30fps and 60fps and when i try playing with 30fps it hurts my eye.Now i actualy prefer 60fps over 30 fps. Ohhhh yay! Welcome to the 60fps+ Club.^^Now we just have to go on strike and demand devs to polish games to 60fps.This is next gen.
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FPS幀數是什麼?24fps,相信大家對此都有不少疑問。Frames per second是什麼意思?24fps vs 30fps vs 60fps有什麼區別?
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Resident Evil HD Remaster PS4 30fps vs PC 60fps …

Resident Evil HD Remaster PS4 30fps vs PC 60fps Comparison (video) 10:06 am January 21, 2015 By Julian Horsey Share Tweet Pin Email Gamers wondering how the new Resident Evil HD Remaster …
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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Is 60fps On PS4, 30fps …

The PS4 version has been confirmed at 60fps (when applicable) but the Xbox One maxes at 45fps and is optimized at 30fps. As if Microsoft needed any more bad news, new information has come to light
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Rage 2 Analysis: 30fps vs 60fps
Rage 2 presents a different take on multi-platform game development. Rather than focusing on higher resolutions for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, developer Avalanche has opted instead to double the frame-rate instead. Was it worth it? What is the price of …
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I had mhw on ps4 before pc and the difference is crazy. 60 fps max settings smoothness is the only way to play this game That’s likely frame pacing rather than just 30fps. While i agree that low fps is generally disappointing and uneasy feeling , playing at 30 isn’t unplayable if it runs well.
Reality Check
Reality Check – Do we need 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One? Cam investigates frame rates and wonders if the next generation truly needs 60 fps. By Cameron Robinson on July 25, 2014 at 1:49PM PDT
Little Nightmares is set expected to run 60FPS on PS4 Pro and 30FPS on the standard PS4 | Sirus Gaming
 · 請問達人們,關於數位錄影方面的問題,30fps與60fps有什麼不同,一般錄影真的只需要30fps嗎?因為自己有使用過30fps的錄影,結果在電腦上放映,感覺整個畫質不太好,看到市面上有所謂60fps的規格,所以想請教一下這個問題.(攝影觀念及技術 第1頁)
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 · The reality of PS4 1080p60 vs. Xbox One 1080p30. In terms of the Tomb Raider gameplay experience, for all the many advantages the unlocked PS4 frame-rate brings across a …
スイッチ版レゴシティ30fps(PS4は60fps)の劣化版・・・: ゲハ速
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The best GIFs for 30fps vs 60fps. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches alien vs predator shower predator the predator cars 0.00 s SD @kadano + Follow 28.1K views
スイッチ版レゴシティ30fps(PS4は60fps)の劣化版・・・: ゲハ速
Soapbox: PS5 Has Turned Me Into a Total 60FPS Snob
 · Just for kicks, i fired up Rise of Tomb Raider on my PS4 Pro, running on my LG C9 OLED and toggled between 30fps+4K mode and 60fps+1080p mode, and …
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PS4/1080p/60fps vs XB1/720p/30fps
 · PS4 uses DDR5 RAM and Xbox One uses DDR3 RAM. DDR5 is more expensive but used mainly for graphics due to its speed. DDR3 is cheaper but slightly slower for graphics and is more CPU friendly. This gives the PS4 a graphical advantage. 60fps vs 30fps
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 · 1440p 60FPS vs 4K 30FPS (on a 65 inch 4K tv) Discussion in ‘Videocards – NVIDIA GeForce’ started by ElistonCole, Feb 4, 2020. ElistonCole New Member Messages: 3 Likes Received: 1 GPU: AMD My pc has a gtx 1070 and lately I’ve been playing shadow of
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[DF] Ghost of Tsushima: PS5 vs PS4 Pro
 · Will watch this now thanks. It’s like a different game at 60fps. What’s worse on base PS4 is that there are whole sections (combat sections especially) where it never even hits 30fps so if you are going from base PS4 to PS5 it is more like unstable 25-30fps to solid
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So forever have always bought the PC version of every game unless it was console exclusive and I still wanted it. On this forum I have read in the last few minutes that the PC version is capped at 30fps (at least before modding it). Also read PC version does not support HDR. PS4 PRO version is confirmed to run at 60fps. Also knew PS4 version will be in HDR. With a brand new 2017 65″ OLED 4K
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Dying Light PS4 Is 1080p/30fps
Dying Light PS4 Is 1080p/30fps Techland has confirmed the resolution and framerate of the PS4 version to be 1080p/30FPS. Xbox One performance is yet to be confirmed but this makes us a little bit optimistic about a good performing PC port. The recent trend of
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 · >> 60fps VS 30fps The Battlefield series on current gen console has mostly run at 30fps. This framerate, I believe, gave the game an amazing cinematic feel about it. Now before you all hate on me, I’m not saying that 30fps is better than 60fps.