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An Achaemenid terracotta rhyton in the form of an ibex. circa 4th century B.C. - Alain.R.Truong

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Rhyton Electric 549 2nd Avenue, Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071, United States [email protected] (609) 816-9901
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La parola rhyton non è presente in ciò che è conosciuto della più vecchia forma di greco, greco miceneo, scritto in Lineare B, ma il rhyton a testa di toro, di cui molti esemplari sopravvivono, viene menzionato nell’inventario dei vasi a Cnosso, per es. nella tavoletta
Rhyton 이용약관 개인정보처리방침 사업자정보확인 상호: 미입력 | 대표: 미입력 | 개인정보관리책임자: 미입력 | 전화: 미입력 | 이메일: 미입력 주소: 미입력 | 사업자등록번호
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Rhyton (z řečtiny ῥυτόν, plurál rhyta) je starověk ý picí roh. Jeho výskyt se datuje již od doby bronzové, přičemž existoval v keramické i kovové (zlaté nebo stříbrné) podobě. Zpočátku byl používán především k rituální úlitbě (oběti vína odlitím na zem
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The term rhyton comes from the Greek verb meaning “to run through,” and depictions of rhyta show that they were used to aerate wine. Poured into the top of the vessel, the wine came out of a spout or opening between the animal’s legs. The spout on this
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Listen free to Rhyton – Rhyton (Stone Colored, Pontian Grave and more). 5 tracks (41:55). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
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 · rhyton (plural rhytons or rhyta) A container from which fluids are intended to be drunk , having one handle and usually a base in the form of a head. A Thracian drinking horn.
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The tip of this rhyton is formed in the shape of the forequarters of a stag, and wine that had been poured into the rhyton’s opening would then be served out of the spout that protrudes from the stag’s chest. This stag has somewhat thick horns with complex branches
,僅多出一款高筒運動鞋。 圖片來源,經典GUCCI老花+米奇圖騰, 1. Among the objects found were a golden laurel and ring , rhytons – silver drinking vessels shaped like horns , greek pottery and military items including weapons and armour阿格里稱,Attic zoomorphic rhyton. by the Eretria painter. red-figure pottery.... News Photo - Getty Images
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Rhyton is an American experimental psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. History Rhyton was formed as an improvisational outfit by Dave Shuford, Jimy Seitang, and Spencer Herbst; Shuford had been a member of No Neck Blues Band and Seitang had played with Psychic Ills.
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Gilt silver rhyton: hammered and horizontally fluted silver horn with attached lost-wax cast protome in the form of the foreparts of a horned winged griffin who wears a necklace, originally set with a gem pendant, subsequently detached and missing; around the rim is an ornamented band in relief, composed of palmettes and lotus-buds, every alternate flower being gilded; the gilded parts of the
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Pottery rhyton in the form of a seated sphinx. (a) Kekrops and his daughters, with Erichthonios and Nike. The scene divides into three groups: in the centre, Kekrops, on the left, bearded, with human body ending in a long serpent form, mantle over left shoulder, hair looped up with radiated stephane, sceptre upright in left hand, holding out in right a phiale to be filled by Nike, who stands
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